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Sep 27, 2012 4:30am EDT
overseas. china may announce stimulus measures to boost their economy while spain was a government is expected to present their budget for the next year. -- spain's government will present their budget for the next year. on top of jobs, on top of kohl's hiring push, they have created 1500 jobs in 10 states. two new stores will open in the washington area. the burden of student loan debt is getting worse. when you factor in tuition costs and raise borrowing limits, nearly one in five households have student loan debt in 2010. that is more than twice the level compared to 1989. this is according to a report from the pure research center that shows the average that was more than $27,000. more starbucks fans are looking to brew their lattes at home. that is coming up in the hour. >> 4:30 a right now and 56 degrees. >> still to come, bad news >> there has been a decision on pepco's request for a rate increase. if they had approve the entire amount, the typical customer would have to pay $5.20 more each month. instead they will pay about $2.60 more. the rate increase set to take place ne
Sep 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
county will become the state tonty in the pow-mia flagy the at the local government buildings. invited to is attend in la plata later this morning. the navy is naming a new class of research vessels after neil armstrong. they will carry on board labs equipment to the deepest parts of the ocean. unable aviator before he was an astronaut. flew 80 combat missions during the korean war. . it is 53 degrees outside. >> some familiar faces return to floor.ce it is the all stars addition. >> ♪ you told me to leave you alone ♪ >> good morning. i'm jacqui jeras in the belfort furniture weather center on a day.ous the changes are ahead. the satellite picture shows showers and storms just off to our west. moving to our tomorrow andby bringing a chance of rain. it is a chilly start. 46 degrees in gaithersburg, 48 dulles, 54 at reagan national. 43 in manassas. temperatures will warm up very nicely and this afternoon. mostly sunny skies, 75 degrees. warmer tomorrow. look for a chance of rain in the wednesday through sunday. not going to be widespread every day, just a chance of rain. tem
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2